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International SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Your brand needs to be ranking high in search engines in all your major markets. With specific, country and market oriented techniques, your website can be there whenever your target audience is searching for your products.

On-Page Optimization

Get your sites optimized to rank in the first positions across all your markets. Each website will be optimized in alignment to local best practices and specifics circumstances.

Personalized outreach

We directly contact with site owners to get your contents published on awesome websites, blogs and press sites.

Content strategy

With G.I.M. your content strategy will be streamlined and thus leveraged across your countries of interest.

Global localized SEO

Global Search Engine Optimization campaigns need a local approach, considering the respective situation of your brand in each and every target country and its local regions.

Link building

Inbound link creation with local and national focus. Get links directly from within your target countries for better rankings.

Personal SEO Consulting

Save time streamlining your international SEO campaign with your dedicated SEO consultant, who will report to you directly in specified intervals and keep you current on the evolution of your organic traffic.

One agency. One monthly report.

Your partner at G.I.M. manages, verifies and streamlines your SEO campaign in all your markets.

Dedicated and Personal Support

At G.I.M., you will have one key account manager and one SEO consultant available at all times for your requests. We are constantly in touch with our partner consultants and agencies in your target markets to improve your organic rankings by targeted, international inbound marketing.

Full transparency

When outsourcing multiple markets to a global agency, you need to be aware of all the steps taken in order to improve your inbound status. For this reason, we are 100% transparent about our approach, holding weekly video conference calls and sending frequent reports and updates to keep you current on the evolution of your campaign.

No binding period

G.I.M. is looking for voluntary long term relationships. Although all our clients are on monthly running agreements, our average client lifetime is > 2 years. No 24 months commitments, no 6 months minimum agreement. Sign up for the first month and get convinced by our absolute dedication to help you rank in search.

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