Top eCommerce Countries for 2017

October 20, 2017 Elizar

Any business expansion will often lead to tapping opportunities outside its parent country. This is more prevalent in eCommerce business where growth is often valued based on the countries the business can thrive on. Businesses like Amazon and Apple are rooting for growth outside the United States. With this concept, let us learn about the top 14 eCommerce Countries for 2017. These countries rank as the best locations to expand your eCommerce business and thrive. This will be your blueprint in creating the company’s growth plan in the next 3-5 years.


Below is just a brief overview of the staggering numbers involve when we talk about eCommerce.


$23.2 Trillion is projected for the eCommerce Industry in 2017. This is a 6% from 2016 and much of the same increase will be seen until 2019. Ecommerce sales growth will outpace conventional sales growth by a more than 3-to-1 margin in 2019 The global retail sales growth is slowing, but year-over-year increases will continue, mainly fueled by sales in China, Japan, the US and developing countries in the Middle East and Africa

top ecommerce countries chart

This chart is from gfluence and derived from the data of eMarketer’s eCommerce Forecasting Report until 2019.


Based on the table above, growth is still promising for the world of eCommerce. The more important results from this study are the countries that will experience more growth compare to other countries. The big 3 now are China, Japan, and the US which makes up over 45% but India shows the biggest promise in terms of growth. India will be the next big thing when it comes to eCommerce due to Japan’s slowdown in terms of growth. To have a clearer picture of what we trying to determine here, let us focus on the top 15 countries and the top eCommerce website in the country.


United States

Sales: $5.126 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 3.5%

Top online retailer: Amazon


United States together with China takes ⅕ of all eCommerce retail sales for 2017. This is a clear evidence that eCommerce will still be big in the US in the years to come. Though they have come to close competition with China, but the clear cut news is that US still rules. This is because the biggest retail market and marketer is still in the United States of America. Amazon accounts for 43% of all US eCommerce sales in 2016. This shows the sheer dominance of this eCommerce portal in the US and later in other countries.



Sales: $5.078 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 5.4%

Top online retailer: Alibaba


With is population of over 1.3 billion, China has become the 2nd largest eCommerce country in the world. Raking in more than 20% of the world’s eCommerce revenue. In this effecte, they also have the 2nd most profitable eCommerce company in the world – Alibaba. They have an accumulated market share of over 56% in China alone. With the world in sight, Alibaba is closely catching up with Amazon in terms of the world wide market share in online sales.



Sales: $1.356 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 0.5%

Top online retailer: Rakuten


With the current slowdown in Japan’s economy, we also so an almost stagnated growth in revenue. It is still good to land at 3rd place but it will not be long until India catches up in 2 to 3 years. Rakuten is the largest eCommerce website. With Japan’s 91% internet penetration rate, people in Japan will alway take a look at the sale happening in Rakuten more often than not.



Sales: $1.082 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 8.9%

Top online retailer: Amazon


India will overtake Japan as the 3rd biggest eCommerce country in the world. Its sheer population and women freedom to do business has brought a new light in India eCommerce. Amazon India is the biggest eCommerce website in India with almost 90 million visits in December 2016. Commercialism has taken India by storm and it won’t be long until a local eCommerce site takes control of this promising market. It also great to note that India poses the biggest eCommerce Sales increase among the list of countries on this article.



Sales: $0.872 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 1.2%

Top online retailer: Amazon


Germany is the Largest European eCommerce market this year through 2019. With over 872 billion in sales this year, projection shows a modest 3%-4% increase year over year. Amazon is still the best eCommerce website here that has been in the country through its early years in 1998. But with the recent worker strikes and compliance issues, we will either see Amazon strengthen its position or succumb to new players like Alibaba.



Sales: $0.769 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 2%

Top online retailer: Odigeo


France comes in second in European eCommerce countries. Powered by local eCommerce sites Odigeo & C-discount, French online market comes at sixth place in the world. Just like other European ecommerce markets, Amazon also does well in France but the local brands have managed to keep in step with their US counterpart in the country.



Sales: $0.761 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 3.2%

Top online retailer:


With internet connection to 59% of the population in 2016, Russia is poised to have significant growth in the eCommerce market share in the next 5-10 years. Barring any Governement regulation or any other setback. Online businesses will thrive in this part of the world. is the top eCommerce website in Russia. In addition, online payment option is not popular in Russia. Consumers choose to have COD (Cash On Delivery) on their online purchases because they do not trust online payments.



Sales: $0.715 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 3.1%

Top online retailer: Amazon UK


With all their wealth and capacity to purchase, it is surprising that eCommerce still loses out on conventional store retails. This is because of the geographical boundaries that UK is known for. Even big online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba are having logistical issues in this region. Most online businesses target a specific location or area in the United Kingdom to properly align resources with company goals.



Sales: $0.615 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 0.3%

Top online retailer: B2W Digital Inc


Brazil is one of 3 Latin countries on this list. They belong on this list mainly because of the interest from top eCommerce websites Amazon and Alibaba. As they fight to increase their market share in the county, we will still see Brazil as one of the best destination to do eCommerce. Growth has stagnated this year as the country is looking for more opportunities and is yet to be fruitful. B2W Digital Inc is the top online retailer not only in Brazil but all of Latin America.



Sales: $0.464Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: -30.5%

Top online retailer: Amazon


Italy is biggest decliner in on this list and its not gonna change anytime soon based on the forecasted results. Growth has been present on this country for years. But with the recent shift of investments and targeting in Latin America and Asia, Europe will be on a downstream when it comes to growth in the eCommerce world. So if you are looking to expand your online business, better take a second look in Italy to see if its worth your time and money. Amazon still reigns supreme in Italy.



Sales: $0.488 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 4.5%

Top online retailer: Amazon


As part of the main continent of North America, Canada has a strong presence the eCommerce space. Amazon has a strong presence in this country with competition from US-based retail companies like Costco and Wallmart. In terms of projection, we will see a steady growth for Canada until 2019.



Sales: $0.447 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 6%

Top online retailer: Amazon


One of the powerhouse when it comes to growth, Mexico is emergerging as a top destination of eCommerce investments in the world to date. With robust growth and geographic advantage with the United States, Mexico is poised to growth 6-8% in terms of eCommerce sales growth. BW Digial Inc and Amazon are the top brass when it comes to eCommerce websites but more and more local brands are showing up to compete with the giants.


South Korea

Sales: $0.358 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: 1.7%

Top online retailer: Coupang


Internet penetration of over 80% is what South Korea brings into frame when it comes to eCommerce. The K-pop fever also brought it significant interest in the online retail market. Online giant Coupang has taken advantage of the high Internet speeds that South Korea has to offer, which are the highest wireless speeds in the world. Only six years old, Coupang’s CEO has called his company the “Amazon of South Korea.” By focusing on creating the best possible mobile site and app, along with fast and efficient delivery times, Coupang is a company on the rise and one of the fastest growing eCommerce companies in the world.



Sales: $0.321 Trillion

Year-over-Year Increase: -15.3%

Top online retailer:


Spain is the 2nd loser on this list with a net loss for 15.3% for this year. The forecast is also not kind for Spain and Europe as a whole. They will experience losses until 2019. The good thing is that this drop is not brought upon by buyer confidence but the retail business. We would see positive growth if Europe would find a common ground on how to do eCommerce collectively and not set its sights more on regulations. Freedom to do business is still key to achieving growth.


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