Ultimate International Facebook Marketing Guide

October 18, 2017 Elizar

Facebook offer marketers with a whole new playground so to speak. Social media bring a unique platform to which products and services can be marketed. Unlike paid ads that direct traffic through search terms aka keywords, Social Media platforms present traffic generated from similar interests and mostly connected people. In addition, Facebook provides growth in International Digital marketing. With its more than 1 Billion users spread out in 139 countries, There will always be a Facebook audience for any product or service to sell.

The name of the game is bringing the right audience to the marketing material. In targeting the Global audience, language is the main ingredient to succeed with any global marketing campaign. Before thinking of expanding your international marketing reach on Facebook, here are some questions to ask about your product or service.

  1. Does your product have a Global reach potential?
  2. Does your product vary from country to country?
  3. Are you looking for conversions and brand awareness at the same time?
  4. Do you have a targeted audience for your product?

If your answer to the questions is yes, then Facebook International Marketing will help you grow. Below is the Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Guide to International Facebook Marketing:

 Create an International Marketing Campaign

In developing a Facebook Marketing Campaign, you will need the following resources:

  1. Facebook Page (Company and Product)
  2. Audience Information
  3. Ad Budget
  4. Keywords Research

The Facebook page will be your selling point to audiences. Make sure to present it as crisp as it can. Soliciting the help of a Social Media specialist will help you get this done in a snap.

 Audience information is a list of relevant information about your targeted audience on Facebook. This can include age range, location (country), languages, and gender. By having this information, you will be able to set and evaluate your Facebook campaign to target the right audience. We all know that having the right audience will often lead to better conversion and visibility.

 Ad Budget is basically the working budget that the company is willing to invest in Facebook marketing. It is best practice to have a flexible budget at first. This is because there is a need to constantly tweak campaigns to see what fits well based on the business goals. If all is well in terms of the campaigns, then that is time to move into a fix budget and even reduced it with optimizations.

 Keywords Research will provide insights on the current trends in search terms related to your products. The keywords you have searched will aid you in crafting the best content for your posts and ads. In simple terms, it will have an increased SEO value.

Implement the Campaign

Create Facebook Page

You can create your company Facebook page on this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ . There are options available on the Facebook page creation.

  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Company, Organization or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Band or Public Figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or Community

Choosing the best type of Facebook page for your product or service will lead to a more targeted traffic in terms of the audience. It is a best practice to always begin by creating a Company, Organization or Institution Facebook page. This type of page provides great flexibility in Marketing and a Company Identity. Make sure to fill up the needed information as presented by the dialog boxes in creating the page. Phone numbers, Operating hours, and Website like are just few of the information you need in creating the Facebook page. Also, add a profile picture and cover photo that fits well for the page and the company’s identity. A section is also available for you to add a short description (1-2 sentences or 155 characters) about the business. To finish the set-up, create a username for your page. This will be your “easy-to-remember” URL for your Facebook page. It is limited to 50 characters and it is a best practice to add the company name if it is available.

Customize Facebook Page

After set-up, it is time to add some customization on the page. Shortcuts is the first thing to modify on the page. These options will be available to your Facebook users presented on the left vertical navigation bar of their News Feed. You can set this up through the customize page option on the Facebook page. The next step is to setup the roles for your admins and other maintenance personnel for the page. You can find this option on the Settings tab on top of the navigation bar. You will find “Page Roles” option on the left navigation bar. The option and definition available per user is quite self-explanatory and you will have an easy time setting them up.

After doing this, you will need to customize your notifications. This might be self-serving but it is essential for management if the business page gains popularity in the future. The options available can be either receiving notification every time there is an activity or receive the notification through a 12-24-hour interval.

In a 2014 update by Facebook, every page will be given the option to add a CTA (call-to-action) button on top of the page. The button will be present above the cover photo. There is a plethora of options to choose from. These are:

  1. Book Services
  2. Get in Touch
  3. Learn More
  4. Make a Purchase or Donation
  5. Download App or Game
  6. See Other Options

The best option will be based on the type of business you have. If it will require a purchase the obvious CTA choice would be to make a purchase.

Lastly, verification of your Facebook page is essential to create ownership of the brand. Although this is not necessary in building your page, it would help your customers in terms of verification. This will be a great way to build trust with your possible customers through the page. You can find this option through the Settings>>General>>Page Verification tabs. You will need provide a valid phone number as this will be used by a Facebook agent to call you and verify some business information. A tiny gray check mark will be placed on your Facebook name upon verification. A blue check mark is only given to big brands, public figures, and celebrities.

Promote the Facebook Page

Upon properly setting up the Facebook, it is time to move into promotion. To do this, click on the “Promote” button on the left navigation. There are three options available. These includes two paid options and 1 free.

  1. Get More Website Visitors (Paid)
  2. Promote your Page (Paid)
  3. Share Page with Friends (Free)

Setting up the paid options are relatively easy to do. You can choose to periodically or schedule promotion based on a time frame. Creating the best possible content about the page will be essential to the success of your paid campaign. Another option to consider is the user demographics that you might want to target. This can include location, age range, and time. This will be essential to the proper targeting for your paid ads. International Marketing Campaigns are often built overtime and data driven. As you get more likes and engagement on your Facebook page, you will be able to analyze customers and their experience on the page. This information will be essential to tweaking of campaigns for better performance.

Engage and Participate with your Audience

 As you gain Facebook traffic and engagement with your audience, communicating with them is always essential. Knowing their views on what you post or promote will be helpful on modifying your page or how to properly do your business on Facebook. The information they provide also reflects on the product and the company as whole. User complaints is probably the most important user engagement you can receive. Consolidating this type of information and providing the best solution will further improve what your company can offer.

Great results from your audience are presented through the reviews they provide and the ratings your page or products receive. You can also do this through your Facebook page. Maintaining these good numbers will be essential to the overall success and longevity of your business. Great customer experience is what every company hopes to achieve.

 Evaluate the Campaign

Campaign evaluation is always needed to either improve the promotion or to replace and non-performing campaign. You can always evaluate your international Facebook marketing campaign through your Audience Insights. To access this information, go to the Facebook Ad Manager and click on Audience Insights under the Plan section. You will have the option to create a research section for either Everyone on Facebook or those that are connected on your page. The “Create Audience” column on the left side of the page will have the option to choose the target country, age, and gender. To deepen your research, click on the “interests” section and you will find relevant information about different topics and personas about your page. The deeper you dig into your Facebook audience and those that might be target audience will aid you in crafting customized campaigns. The concept is that if you put in the best research in creating your International Facebook Campaigns will have higher chance of success.



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