International SEO, PPC and Social media.

One agency across all your markets.

We help international businesses gaining visibility in search and social media across multiple countries, languages and cultures.

One partner for all countries

With G.I.M. you have one personal contact managing all campaigns in all your markets.

Multiple countries

We have partners all around the world, which enables us to get your brand, product or service known everywhere you want.

Multiple channels

In each market, different channels are used for different niches - we pick the right channel for the right niche in your target markets.

Your prime contractor agency

We handle your entire campaign, no matter if it's one or multiple countries - you will have a single point of contact / reporting across all markets and channels.

About G.I.M.

With you will have a team of SEOs, digital marketing experts and social media professionals at your disposal, ready to get your brand known and ranking in all your target markets with global seo campaigns.

Instead of dealing with numerous contacts in all your markets, bothering with a dozen skype calls and phone conferences each week, at G.I.M. you will have one single contact managing all your countries and all your channels.

How we can help you

International marketing campaigns require in-depth knowledge and coordination of multiple channels:


Search marketing (SM) is probably one of your most important channels. Our SEOs are ready to get your site ranking. Everywhere.

Social Media

Our experts in social media plan the campaign individually for each market, to maximize engagement with your brand.

Link building

In order to get your site ranking high in different markets, active, white hat link building is a must.


We get in touch for you with local influencers across your countries.


Pay-per-click campaigns like on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads are an integral part of most of your campaigns. Have our team optimize your budget and skyrocket your ROI per market.


¿Need your campaign translated into other languages?

Case study: Regus

Take a look at this case study of a multi country SEO campaign for Regus managed by our team.

What our clients say

Here are some of G.I.M.'s clients telling about their experience with our team:


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Our Blog

Running campaigns across multiple countries requires in-depth knowledge of the status of digital marketing in each and every one of them. Here's where we share our findings about different countries and what's going on in their Internet Marketing.

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